Options After MDCAT [Pass or Fail]

Starting your journey after MDCAT is a big deal! It’s a moment where you should really think about what comes next. There’s a whole bunch of options beyond the usual routes, and they can really shape how your academic and professional life turns out. So, […]

NUMS Entry Test [Everything You MUST Know]

The National University of Medical Sciences holds an entrance examination for all medical colleges connected with NUMS. The NUMS entry test is used to select students for medical programmes such as MBBS and BDS in various colleges across Pakistan. The majority of pupils are concerned […]

how to get 180 marks in mdcat

How to get 180+ Marks in MDCAT?

How to get 180+ Marks in MDCAT? We will try to answer this most repeated question by MDCAT aspirants. In our quest to help you excel in the MDCAT (Medical and Dental College Admission Test), we have curated nine comprehensive strategies that are bound to […]